Thursday, 8 October 2015

Six Products to Try From Boots

As much as I would love to have a makeup collection full of high end products, I can't afford that, however, the aisles of Boots are full of some amazing products that don't cost the Earth being affordable to so many people and are top quality.

Two products from Soap and Glory that I love is Solar Powder and It's About Prime. Solar Powder is a two toned bronzer that has a satisfying dent in it. I like that I can use this in Summer by swishing my brush through both shades or in winter when I'm more like the shade of a ghost when I tend to rely on the lighter shade. I really like how the darker shade is more matte and the lighter shade has a little shimmer in it giving a little healthy glow to the face. My only issue with this was the horrible cardboard packaging but Soap and Glory have done their job and changed the packaging, now I just have to wait to finish my current one to get the new plastic packaging. It's About Prime is the only drugstore primer that I've been able to find and it's a good job that it's a good 'un. This one definitely gives my eyeshadow a few hours extra which is all I ask of a primer.

The next two up are from Rimmel, you guessed it, Kate Moss 107 lipstick that I go on and on about but with good reason. The colour is gorgeous, the staying power is phenomenal and it's so affordable compared to some of the higher end liptsicks that are available. Second is Brow This Way, a brow product that has everything you need, a gel, powder, spooley and brush to apply. The gel matches my brows perfectly which is what I've been looking for for quite a long time. The other good thing about this is that it's so compact, making it perfect to chuck in my makeup bag and I don't need anything else to sort out my brows.

The final two are from Maybelline (I didn't actually realise that I'd got two products from the main drugstore brands until I started writing the post) is the 24 Hour Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze and Gel eyeliner. On and On Bronze is by far the easiest thing to wear, it's the pot I reach for when I can't be bothered to do anything with my eyes, it's so easy to blend out and make it look like I've made a proper effort. I've been really enjoying using gel eyeliner at the moment. I find that it lasts much longer than the felt tip like pens and it's easier for me than liquid liner as I can have more precision. I can't say that I've tried too many of these but I don't feel I need to, this one does it's job perfectly.

Solar Powder  £11
It's About Prime £4
Kate Moss Lipstick £5.49
Brow This Way £3.99
24 Hour Colour Tattoo £4.99
Gel liner  £7.99

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