Thursday, 1 October 2015

Barcelona Part Two

There were so many cute little shops that were selling the most delicious looking food. This was a little chocolate shop that we passed, it took all my effort not to buy anything and just take pictures of the food!

This is my favourite picture that I took of the whole holiday, obviously it would be of food!

It started to rain one day so we found a chocolate museum, the ticket we got was even made out of chocolate! We couldn't complain as it gave us something to munch on whilst we walked around.

All of the models pictured above are made out of chocolate! I was so impressed, they looked so good and I couldn't resist taking photos of all the models. I think the Up one was my favourite because it looked perfect. I don't know how the chocolate didn't melt because the museum wasn't kept that cold.

On the way to the beach we found a group of men singing. They were so entertaining, the ones at the back came out and did little dances which we all enjoyed watching. 

The next day we went to Parc Guell to see some of Gaudi's sculptures, a photographer's paradise!

Whilst walking around Parc Guell we stumbled upon a band called The Manners - High Everyday. They were one of the best street performers that I've seen, so entertaining and they made you want to stand there and watch them all day!

I love the idea of the graffiti on these shops, I think that the graffiti was advertising what was behind the shutters which is such a good idea, even when the shop is closed, people still know what is behind  it.

I was really impressed by Sagrada Familia, although it's still unfinished (they really do need to finish it, the scaffolding has been on it for so long!! Although the detail on it is incredible so I can understand why it's taking so long!) it's such an impressive piece of art, it's well worth a visit even though it's a little out of the centre of Barcelona. 

On our last day we rented some bikes and cycled along the beaches, it was lovely seeing the quieter parts of Barcelona and not having to walk all day. However I have come to find that cycling is definitely not for me!

This was one of the best burgers that I've ever had, if you ever go to Barcelona I would recommend that you eat at Bacoa, it's a little burger place that has a fast food vibe to it but the food is 100 times better than your usual McDonalds or Burger King. They also had some genius little added extras that made the place even better, they had invented a burger holder that was a little piece of cardboard that meant it was so easy to hold the burger. They also had a little bag storage under the chairs that only the person sat on the chair could get into, I think every restaurant should have something like that so you don't have to worry about someone taking your bag. (It's just off Las Ramblas if I remember rightly!) 

And finally, to end the holiday we had to have an ice cream. I had a mint choc chip and Ferrero Rocher ice cream and it was delicious. 

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