Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Dry Hand Saviour

Hand Cream

Hand Cream

Ever since I worked on a deli counter four years ago I've had dry hands. I quit two years ago but they've always stayed pretty dry. It got so bad once that I went to the doctors and she told me I had dermatitis and prescribed me some steroid cream and some really thick moisturising cream that I hated using because it felt thick and sticky for a good few hours after using it so I could only really use it before I went to bed as I couldn't do anything with my hands when I had it on.

Since quitting the job at the deli counter where I handled meat and was always washing my hands, I've since has two jobs, one in home care where I had to wear plastic gloves which make my hands dry and the job I have at home now, where I work in a care home. This is probably the worst thing for my hands because I'm either wearing those plastic gloves, or I'm washing my hands very often to keep them sanitised. I haven't once come home from work with my hands not feeling dry, it's such a pain but it's given me the task of finding a hand cream that I can use throughout the day that actually works and sinks into my hands quite quickly. (Sorry for the rather long back story but I thought I would tell you this so you could understand my problem and see how hard it is for me to get my hands to recover because of where I work). 

I think I have finally found the remedy for my dry hand issue in the form of Nivea Express Hydration Hand Lotion. I stumbled across it in Boots one day when my hands were feeling particularly dry and in need of some moisture and the words 'Express Hydration' really called out to me, this was exactly what I was looking for and with the added 'Quick Absorption' claim on the bottom I had to try it, in my already full basket it went and I tried it out as soon as I left the shop. After a couple of minutes my hands felt less dry but they didn't have the horrible tacky feeling that I get after using all the other hand creams. I can't say that my hands have ever felt soft after using this hand cream but I don't think that any hand cream will ever give me that feeling until I leave a job that requires me to constantly wash my hands and use gloves. 

I've been using this constantly now since May and I love it, I've never, ever finished a hand cream before but I'm predicting that this will be the first I ever finish. At £3.49 for 100ml this was an absolute bargain, I use it so often because it absorbs into my skin so quickly which I find is why it works so well, I'm not limited to only using it before bed like previous hand creams that I've found still have residue the morning after, this has sunk in in a matter of minutes and I can get back to doing whatever I want. 

You can purchase the miracle hand cream here and no, this isn't sponsored, I just had to tell you about the cream that has finally worked for me. 

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