Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Glowing Skin Without the Shine

Dior Star foundation

As I said in my last post, I have certain products that I will buy high end and others that I'll get from the drugstore.
Foundation is one that I like to try from both sides, one of my all time favourite foundations is Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude which is one of the only foundations that I've fully used up. Since Lasting Finish there has been one from Bourjois but it wasn't just right so I thought why not treat myself, I've really been liking having glowing skin recently, I find a lot of the time my skin can look quite dull and because I'm really pale I look really washed out and I also don't want a really heavy foundation so after looking at lots of different foundations I decided on Dior Star.

As soon as this is applied I see a beautiful glow but I don't look sparkly like the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and neither do I look oily. I tend to powder my T-Zone because I am an oily girl so to keep this in place a little longer it does help. I put this on around 9am this morning and when I got back at 5pm this afternoon after a day of being out in the sun and going on a walk the foundation was definitely still there, I was pretty oily but nothing that a little powder wouldn't sort out. Dior Star has really good staying power.

The colour range of the Dior Star is pretty good, much better than the majority of the shades of the foundations at the drugstore. I got matched as 11 which has yellow undertones, this is the perfect match for me, I've never had a foundation that is such a good match. I think it's pretty clever that the shades that end in 0 are neutral, 1 are yellow undertones, 2 pink undertones and 3 golden undertones, it makes it that little bit easier to know what shade you should be.

Although this is on the pricy side of foundations, I think it's worth it. The look of my skin with it on is what I want all year around, the coverage it just enough so it covers any redness but not too much that I look cakey. I also love that the shade is a perfect match for me.

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