Sunday, 9 August 2015

Feeling Confident

Everyone has their down days, I don't think that anyone, no matter if they're Beyonce, Taylor Swift or the Queen, has never had a down day, we're all human. However, I think that some people are a lot better at getting out of their down moods than others. Here are my ways of getting back into a happier, more confident mood:

1. Put on your favourite lippy, it doesn't matter what you're doing, it's probably even better if you're not going out because you're going to look amazing for you and no one else which is really important, as long as you're happy, who cares!

2. Watch a film that makes your laugh out loud, LOLing at this moment is very important, smiling releases endorphins which make you happy, see you never knew emhasrednails was a scientific blog (it's not, but on rare occasions I listened in science)

3. Paint your nails, any colour you like, and then look at how amazing they look but don't touch anything because your don't want to ruin your beautiful creation.

4. Try on all your pretty dresses and see how stunning you look in them. Ring up your friends and tell them to come round with their best dresses and have a catwalk because having a giggle with the girls is guaranteed to cheer you up.

5. Turn the music up loud and dance around the room, I do this whilst baking because what can be better, loud music and cake!

6. Do some exercise, I always find that after a run I feel so much happier, endorphins are released after exercise too so more happy feelings.

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