Thursday, 6 August 2015

Brush Storage

I'm always interested in how people store their makeup and their makeup brushes. At the moment I haven't perfected the makeup storage yet but I'm relatively happy with how my brushes are kept. I have two separate cups/mugs for the brushes. In the recycled Nutella cup (I'm not like other bloggers with Diptique candles, I'm a nutella cup recycler!) are my face brushes, I'm thinking about doing a post on my favourite brushes soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. At the moment I have quite a few Real Technique brushes and some Zoeva ones too.

 In the mug are my eye brushes (and my rather large Real Techniques Powder brush that won't fit with the other face brushes) I have a mixture of lots of different eye brushes from Real Techniques, Zoeva, Urban Decay and some Boots own brand ones too. I keep my brushes on a shelf that also has my small but slowly growing perfume collection as well as my most used hair and face products.

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