Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Best Brushes

Real Techniques, Zoeva
L-R, Zoeva 142 Concealer Brush, Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, Zoeva 230 Luxe Pencil, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease.

I purchased the Zoeva Classic Brush set a few months ago and since then some of the brushes have made it into my favourite brush category, however, there are still some of my trusty Real Techniques brushes in that category too.

I'd had a similar RT brush to the Zoeva one that I used to use for concealer but I found that the bristles were a bit rough on my skin, once I started using the Zoeva concealer brush I was converted, the bristles were so much softer which on the delicate areas of my face that I was using it on was definitely needed.

The brush that magically finishes any eyeshadow look off is the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush. This is the brush I pick up every single time I need to blend out my eyeshadow and works wonders. I'm no professional with makeup, especially eyeshadow but this brush always makes it look like I have much better skills than I really do. For under the eyes I'm loving the Zoeva Luxe Pencil brush which is quite a stiff brush perfect for blending a little shadow under my eyes to finish the look off.

A favourite of mine for a few years now is the Real Techniques Buffing brush, I've used this brush so much that the writing has worn off it. Although this is getting a little old now and I probably need to replace it, it still blends foundation in beautifully. It doesn't matter whether it's a BB cream or a thick foundation, it always helps me to work it into my skin really well and I'm forever picking the Buffing Brush up because it makes my skin look lovely when I use it.

Finally the Zoeva Luxe Crease which I could probably do everything for the eyes with this brush, it packs the colour on, if I try and remove as much of the colour off on the back of my hand I can then blend the shadow. This brush is perfect for taking away because I can just take this brush alone.

What are your favourite brushes that I should try?

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