Sunday, 16 August 2015

Back into Running

Running, Puma

Cross country was the only thing I ever enjoyed doing at high school (apart from the time we got to do a self defence course, that was fun although I can't remember any of it
apart from doing an X above your head if someone comes at you with a knife!) I've run on and off for the past five or six years but I'd had a very long off stage, this summer I decided I had to do something, everyone else was off going to America or Thailand and I was stuck at home so I had to fill my time apart from just working so why not start running again. I could manage doing just over a mile and that soon turned into two and then I got stuck on doing two and a half miles each time. My friend asked me if I wanted to do a 10K with her in December, I thought it was worth a try so I agreed and then it dawned on me, I could do over two miles but 10K was just over 6 miles, I'd never run so far in my life but I couldn't back down now, my friend had already signed up (I haven't yet just incase I get injured but I will be signing up in November).

As I said I started off doing a mile and then slowly increasing the distance each time I went, after going with my mum one day she pushed me to get up to three miles which I was proud of, at least I could do half of what I had to. I would really recommend starting doing shorter distances and then slowly increasing how far you run. Another good idea is to have a goal. I have my 10K goal in December, why not sign up to do a 5K charity run like the Race For Life that way you have a reason that you have to train for.

I found getting an app like the Nike running app to record when and how far I run is really helpful. I took my phone out once and I know how far a mile is, I can estimate how far I go for a three mile run and after every time I go I input how far and my time which is good to see how I'm improving and also how often I've been running. If you don't have any suitable trainers or clothes, treat yourself to some, this way you'll feel like you have to go to make use of your new gear, I recently got some new trainers and for a while I went out just because I wanted to wear them.

When I'm out on my run I feel that if I daydream and not think about how tired I am I seem to be running for less time, I don't think I go any faster, time just seems to go faster and I forget how tired I am. If this doesn't work for you, listen to some music whilst you run, this helps me to forgot how much my legs hurt.

I'm trying to run every other day at the moment, yesterday I managed just over three miles, tomorrow I'm hoping I can get to three and a half miles.

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