Thursday, 30 July 2015

Lipsticks for Every Occasion

L-R Mac Lustering, Topshop Beguiled, Mac Peach Blossom and Rimmel Kate Moss in 107

This post could also be called my most worn lipsticks because these are worn so often. First up is Mac Lustering in the Lustre finish. I love the colour of this, a really pretty pink that looks lovely in summer. My only problem I ever have with this lipstick is that it doesn't stay around for too long meaning I have to reapply quite a lot, I don't mind too much because I love the colour. The lipstick is quite moisturising which is probably why it doesn't stay on the lips too long but it's one I can wear if my lips are a little dry.

A much darker lip colour is Topshop Beguiled, this is one of my go to colours for a night out. It lasts ages on me even when I'm drinking which is great because even when I'm sober I'm not the best at applying lipstick meaning my drunk lipstick skills are very poor so it's a good job I don't have to reapply too much. Even though this lasts a long time it surprisingly isn't very drying which is great because most of the time my lips are on the dry side.

A natural lipstick that I wear a lot in the day is Mac Peach Blossom in the finish Cremesheen. Again like Lustering this one is one that doesn't last very long on me but because of the colour it's really easy to reapply so I can even do it without a mirror. This is such a pretty natural peachy pink colour that is so well loved, I'm always reaching for this because I know it's guaranteed to look good.

The final lipstick is Rimmel 107, this is my number one go to lipstick for a bolder look. It really compliments pale skin like mine and the lasting power of this is out of this world. It's actually surprising that my two drugstore lipsticks are the ones with the best staying power! This one is quite drying though so I would recommend using a lip balm a while before applying.

What are your favourite lipsticks?

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