Thursday, 23 July 2015

Eleven Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

I can't really believe that I'm sharing these photos with you, I'm probably going to regret these! 

1. Your dad loves taking photos (and in 10 years you will pick up this hobby) so let him take lots of photos of you because now, when you're looking for pictures of yourself when you were younger, you would be able to find more than the few pictures of you when you were 10!

2. Whatever you do, don't let mum cut your fringe because the wobbly look is not a good one. Also when you were 13 and a few years ago it had taken ages to grow your fringe out, don't get it cut back in, you'll regret it straight away. 

3. Wash your face more and don't use those dreaded face wipes that I now tell everyone off for using, they aren't doing your skin any good. And stop complaining that you have spots, most teenagers have them and yours aren't really that bad, in a few years they'll clear up, I promise.

4. Having a boyfriend is not everything, yes, it would be nice but spend time enjoying yourself with your friends instead of wishing that a boy would like you. 

5. Don't wear concealer as foundation, there's a big difference between the two. There is no need to cover ALL of your face in concealer, it's not a good look.

6. Carry on being a geek because that's one thing you definitely did right, you'll make it into uni, keep up the good work!

7. Think of your poor old mum and dad when you get obsessed with a song, maybe don't ask for it to be played for the seventh time in an hour, I know you think it's the best song ever but mum and dad are getting fed up with it.

8. Don't try and be friends with the 'popular' people, they're not really that great and you have some of the best friends that accept you for your weird little self. You'll still be friends with some of them in the future too.

9. Don't try and fit in and be like everyone else, it might seem important to be like everyone now but that's boring, who wants to be the same as everyone else? Not you, don't copy people because you think it's cool.

10.  You cannot and never will be able to sing a note in tune, yes, you were in a singing concert at school but you were singing with a large group of people who made up for you being out of tune, sooner or later you'll believe your cousin who was the only one who told you the truth that you definitely couldn't sing.

11. When mum tells you that you need to brush your hair, listen to her, do you really want to walk around looking like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards? No I think not, mum loves you, she's telling you that for a reason.

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