Sunday, 19 July 2015

Brand Focus: Rimmel

This is the second in my little series of brand focus posts, this time about Rimmel, you can read my post about Maybelline here. I think it's safe to say that Rimmel is one of those brands, especially in England that is so widely available and very well priced that nearly everyone who wears makeup has something from the brand in their stash. For me I love their lipsticks, the Kate Moss lipsticks are amazing. I've raved and raved about the 107 on the blog for ages and it's always been a favourite with me, the colour suits my skin and the lasting power of it is phenomenal. They're also pretty reasonably priced at £5.49 and are well worth that. I also really like some of the easier to be worn shades like 077 Asia which is on the left of the two lipsticks. I find this to be really easy to wear on a day when I want a little something.

I love Rimmel foundations, not pictured here but a favourite of mine is the Lasting Finish Nude foundation that I very sadly finished a few weeks ago, I really need to pick this up again because it made my skin look so healthy. Pictured here is the Match Perfection in 100 Ivory, I really like this foundation but it isn't something I wear everyday as sometimes it can be a little too much coverage for me and in these summer months I've been favouring the lighter foundations. For when I'm a little shiny I like to add a dusting of the Stay Matte powder in 001 Transparent. This is such a cheap powder that keeps shine at bay but hardly adds coverage and doesn't look cakey.

A newbie for me is the Brow Perfection, a wax and powder in one (although I only like to use the wax) has been a great little find for me. It's so small and compact so it's been perfect when I've been travelling, it has a mini brush and spoolie (how the heck is that word spelt?) that comes with it which has been so travel friendly. I do use these two with it all the time when I'm at home because even though the brush is small and hard to hold, the actual brush is perfectly sized. The wax is a really good colour match for me and as long as I'm not heavy handed it looks pretty natural.

Finally, Rimmel's lip pencils. These are actually the first ever (and still the first) lip liners that I've ever tried, I'd never really seen the point in lip liners as I wasn't a big lipstick wearer but after getting annoyed that my nude lipsticks weren't lasting very long I decided to try a lip liner. I'd heard so many good reviews of Eastend Snob that as soon as I saw it I had to pick it up and see what the hype was about. I also picked up the 1000 kisses lip liner in Indian Pink because it looks very similar to my Mac Lustering lipstick which again doesn't stay in place that long. If I'm wanting a nude lip my go to choice for the past few months has been Eastend snob with Mac Peach Blossom. These two look lovely together and with the lip liner it lasts a lot longer which is exactly what I wanted.

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