Sunday, 12 July 2015

Brand Focus: Maybelline

For me Maybelline is the brand I go to for eyes and the odd other product. I love their mascaras because they're reasonably priced and I find that quite a few of them have the big brushes that I like, I'm not a fan of the thin, plastic brushes. Currently I'm using Lash Sensational which although is a plastic brush it is quite big so gives some really good volume. I like this because it stays in place all day. Although some of the volume is lost towards the end of the day it does stay in place because I have a little trouble getting it off at the end of the day although not too much that it stops me using it. I can't imagine how hard the waterproof one will be to get off! The thing that I really like about Lash Sensational is how it doesn't give me panda eyes after a hot day like a few other mascaras do, this one really stays in place.

I've talked about the Colour Tattoos a few times before, they're the best thing for a quick and easy look. At the moment I have On and On Bronze and Permanent Taupe. On and On Bronze is my go-to colour that I'm always using, if I'm ever going on a trip I'll just take this because I can apply it with my finger and I don't need to take anything else or even a brush, it's so handy to have and it lasts pretty well even on my oily lids. Permanent Taupe is a little darker and a matte shade so I find it a little harder to wear in the day but looks so pretty for in the evening as a base for a smokey eye.

The final eye product from Maybelline that I've been in love with for some time is the Gel liner which comes in a little jar and a brush but I lost that a while ago. I've really been enjoying using this with the Zoeva Wing liner brush for a really natural look. This stuff stays in place all day and is a strong black colour. There's not much more I can say about this, it's all good, thumbs up from me!

Another favourite is the Brow Drama mascara that has been in countless posts on emhasrednails. This is my second tube of this and I think I'll always repurchase this. It's perfect for natural makeup days to add a little touch of colour and keep brows in place or over a wax or shadow for a bolder brow look. Again I can't think of anything bad to say about this!

Finally is the Colour Drama lip pencils. At the moment I only have one of these but I really want to try some more. I love the texture of these and this one lasts a really long time. Because it's matte it does tend to dry my lips out a little but nothing a bit of my 8 hour cream won't fix. I really need to get some more shades of this because it's such an easy product to use, I'm so bad at applying lipsticks because I don't have a steady hand so this is perfect.

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