Sunday, 26 July 2015

A Few Days in Edinburgh

Photo heavy post alert, click away now if you don't want to see lots of pictures of Edinburgh!

The Scot Monument which we went up on our last day. 

 Typical tourist picture!

The Scot Monument 

We went up Carlton Hill which is where I took quite a few photos, at first it was really warm and sunny as you can see in the picture above, then a bit later the weather changed and it went really cloudy and rained on us! Typical British weather! 

This was taken a few minutes after it stopped raining, I couldn't resist taking a photo of Edinburgh Castle because it looked stunning in the sun.

Even though it had been raining, Edinburgh still looked gorgeous.

A really filling breakfast, I went for the healthy option and it was so tasty!

These next few photos were taken when we went up The Scot Monument, we had an amazing view when we walked up there (all 287 steps). It cost £4 each to go up, well worth it to get some stunning views. 

As you can see the weather wasn't great when we went to Edinburgh but we still enjoyed ourselves. We went for two nights and really enjoyed ourselves, we managed to do quite a few of the touristy things like walking around both the Old and New Town, going up the Scot Monument and having a look at the castle although we didn't pay to go in because we didn't think it would be worth it. I really like Edinburgh, it's so pretty and a lovely place for anyone to have a wander around. 

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