Saturday, 13 June 2015

St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan

St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan

This is something I never thought I would be writing about, a fake tan that you did in the shower, this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. All the questions were running through my head; Won't it go streaky when mixed with the water? How will it work in just three minutes? How will this not stain the bath?

If you've been reading emhasrednails for a little while now you'l probably know that I'm pretty pale and I don't tend to embrace my paleness, I'm all up for a bit of fake tan because I think that it's safer than staying out in the sun for hours and hours, anyway, I usually get burnt and the sun doesn't come out too regularly in the north. I've reviewed a few different fake tans on the blog which you can read here, here and here but this one is a little different to the usual ones I like to use. The St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan is what it says, a gradual tanner, I didn't notice any colour change until the third use and even then it is only a hint of a tan. However, it was enough of a change for me to get my legs out and wear a dress whilst feeling quite confident with my legs (it can't be just me that feels much more confident with a bit of a tan).

I feel with regular use of this, maybe twice a week after building up the tan it would be great for in summer. It cuts out the waiting around for a few hours for it to dry whilst smelling like a biscuit and it also means that no clothes get ruined by orange stains. This stuff does have a smell to it, I can't quite put my finger on it but it's not the usual biscuity smell. However, it only smells in the shower or if you smell your arm up close, but that can look on the weird side so I'll avoid doing that. What I'm trying to say is that this gradual tan doesn't make you pong like some fake tans do.

I was a bit scared to use this at first, I've never used anything like this before, I mostly stick to mousses and use a mitt so it doesn't go streaky but with this you have to use your hands. It's quite easy to use, have a shower like normal, if I've washed my hair I tend to put it up so it doesn't drip everywhere. Then, with wet hands I squeeze a small amount into one hand, a little bit more than I would use to moisturise my legs, and using circular motions as it says on the bottle, rub it onto the skin, it leaves a slight cream coloured layer on the skin which I was cautious about at first as I thought this would go streaky, but it doesn't. After doing my arms and legs I wash my hands and put a timer on for three minutes. This is the annoying part, you start to get really cold if your bathroom is anything like mine and isn't the warmest room in the house. I stand there contemplating my life for three minutes, trying not to move and resisting the urge to itch my nose so I don't rub any of the tan off. Once the three minutes are up I hop back in the shower and rinse it all off, giving my arms and legs a once over to make sure I haven't left any on me. I love the fact that even if I get some of this on my mum's white bath (it took a bit of persuading that it would be okay when I told her what I was doing) that it wouldn't stain it.

I haven't had many issues with having streaks, I've found that if I don't wash it off properly or if I leave a blob of it not rubbed in it will leave a darker patch but it looks a little bit like a birthmark and isn't an orange colour so it doesn't look horrendous. I like to make sure I've got it all of my skin when I wash it off to make sure I don't have streaks.

If you're wanting a quick fix this is not the tan for you, it's definitely one for the people that are either scared of fake tan but want to give themselves a little added confidence or for people who like a subtle hint of colour without baking in the sun.

This bottle is a little pricey for me for how much you have to use it to build up the colour, at £14.50 it's in the middle price range, it's not too pricey but because it needs regular usage I can imagine that I will be going through this stuff quite quickly.

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