Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Battle of the Primers

 From left to right - Maybelline Baby Skin, Smashbox Photo Finish, Benefit Porefessional, Bare Mineral Prime Time, The Body Shop Instablur.

I've only got into primers over this past year and it wasn't love at first use for me. I started with Maybelline's Baby Skin which is a very silicone heavy formula and just makes my skin feel very waxy when it's been put on, it feels like it's clogging up my pores as soon as I put it on and I didn't use it for very long at all, the only reason I've kept this is to do a post on primers as I've been trying out quite a few different ones.

I decided that I wanted to get some mineral foundation so I got a started pack from Bare Minerals and included in that was Prime Time. I'm pretty sure that this is designed for using with Mineral Foundation so that's what I tend to use it with. As you can see from the picture above this is the most liquid primer of them all. It feels quite light on the skin which I like and I wouldn't say that this is a silicone feeling primer. As I said that I only use this with Mineral Foundation I can't compare it to the other primers when discussing how long it keeps makeup on. I find that with Mineral Foundation when I use this primer it does keep the makeup on longer but because Mineral Foundation is a very light finish anyway I suppose it doesn't make a huge difference.

I got the Porefessional with a magazine sometime around Easter and at the time I fell in love with it, it didn't feel like silicone like Baby Skin and it seems to reduce the look of pores as well as ever so slightly evening out skintone. The Porefessional is the only one that has some colour to it unlike all the other ones which I do like, I'm not sure if it would work for very dark skintones as I'm quite pale, I could be wrong here. As for whether it keeps makeup on for longer I would say that it does but the main factor I like about this primer is that it reduces the size of my pores.

After seeing Gabby from Velvet Gh0st loving The Body Shop Instablur I thought it was worth a try as the price tag for my beloved Porefessional was a little too high for me to buy it full size and Instablur is half the price. I immediately feel in love with this when I used it, although when I first put some on my finger I was a little unsure, the texture does feel quite odd, you can see in the picture that unlike all the other primers this isn't smooth but when I smoothed this onto my skin it felt so natural like there wasn't anything on my skin. After trying a few different primers this had to be my favourite of them all, it feels lovely on the skin, slightly mattifies my oily skin, keeps my makeup on the extra few hours and combined with a good powder I can go several hours without getting that sheeny look - Go Instablur.

Smashbox Photo finish primer was one that I got in a starter kit from Smashbox which I got because I wanted to see what the brand had to offer. I still can't make my mind up about this one, it does make my skin smooth when I use it under my foundation but I haven't noticed great things. I don't think that I would buy this full price.

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