Friday, 20 February 2015

Prime those lashes

Last year I purchased the Urban Decay Perversion mascara on Corhorted which also came with a mini of their Subversion lash primer. I saved it till Christmas time as a little Christmas treat for myself and what a treat it was. Lash primers are the way to go. It feels a little weird putting something white on your lashes but the primer seems to give my lashes that extra umph, it makes them longer and thicker and when you add a few layers of the mascara over the top they look perfect (and I have tiny lashes so this is saying something). The white primer is hidden after just one coat of mascara but to get the best results I find two or three lashings of mascara gives the best effect.

I've tried the mascara on its own and although it is good it's not as brilliant on it's own. I haven't tried Subversion with a different mascara yet so I can't report that it does the job well with any mascara that you have.

I would recommend going on Cohorted to anyone and seeing if they have any of the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara with a mini of Subversion as you can get it quite a bit cheaper than buying it in the shops. I've already got a back up of this for when it runs out.

*this post is not sponsored and all views are my own.

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