Tuesday, 3 February 2015

One Year of emhasrednails

I don't know how I've kept this up for so long, I'm the kind of person to quit things, I played the flute for a while and then quit, I went running for a while and then stopped, I went swimming for a few months and then stopped doing that. I just seem to be the person who can't manage to keep things up for very long but I appear to be doing reasonably well with emhasrednails. I'm not very good at blogging regularly when I'm at uni because I don't have my camera with me here for one, I did last term but took two lots of blog photos so it didn't seem worth it to bring it back after Christmas, when I go home I tend to take a lot of photos and upload sporadically when I have time to write a matching post. I find it hard to find the time to write blog posts and then do all the other things that follow a new blog post such as telling all my social media that I've written a new post (I'm sure this takes longer than writing the actual post!) 

This is a very short and blabby post that only has one meaning, to celebrate my blogs first birthday! Thank you to everyone who has ever read or commented on emhasrednails, I love reading new comments on my blog! As cheesy as it sounds I can't wait for many more years to come of blogging, I really enjoy taking the pictures, writing the posts and interacting with other bloggers. I would also love to go to a blogging meet up sometime as I've seen so many different posts on them about them and they look so much fun!

Thanks for reading emhasrednails, see you soon!

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