Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Cheapie but a Goodie

I'm not usually one to buy makeup that is to do with celebrities but this Little Mix one looked so cute and I've heard so many good reviews about it that I had to try it. The palette looks pretty grubby to say that this is relatively new to me but it's become my favourite palette to travel with, it's so light and compact and even though the packaging is only cardboard it's pretty sturdy so is the perfect thing to stick in my makeup bag if I'm going away for a few nights.

The colours in this palette are really pretty, there's a good colour payoff even though my camera hasn't picked up the colour in the swatches and they last well considering the palette only cost me £3.19, I had trouble washing the eyeshadow off my fingers after swatching them. I have the annoyance of oily eyelids, it's a pain but nothing that a good eyeshadow primer can't fix. I found that these tend to fade by mid afternoon without a primer but with one they last much longer.

There is a really good variety of colours in this palette, apart from the first shade which I tend to avoid as it's a bit light, I use them all at different times; the second to fourth shade are good daytime colours with the last two being really good for a darker smokey eye.

I've seen that Collection have some more palettes like this which I'm sure I'll end up trying soon.

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