Friday, 5 September 2014

So You're Off to Uni...

First of all, Congratulations! You've done so well to get this far.

Secondly, don't panic, thousands of people are in the same boat as you (yes it's a very big boat) and the're all nervous like you. I'm going into my second year at uni and I remember last year well, I had everything packed, the car was so full (with fourteen pairs of shoes which my dad couldn't believe I would need them all, I'm sure I wore the majority of them and then bought more too). I was so nervous, it was a lovely hot day and it was only the second time I'd ever been to the University so I'd forgotten what it looked like.

We went to the campus where I was living and collected the keys then with bags we walked up the stairs into the flat I was about to spend the next seven months in. I went and found my room, opened the door and was a bit in shock, it wasn't as nice as the ones I'd seen on the open day (they obviously show the nicest flats) but it was still nice and clean. My parents and I took many journeys from the car to my room and soon it was all dumped in my room and I made my mum make my bed so at least it looked a bit cosier. I started to unpack things in the kitchen and was speaking to a few of my new flatmates. I would like to say now that I was so lucky to be put with some of the loveliest people, we're all really good friends and I'm living with the girls this year. We went to get some food and then my parents left me to it (I actually told them to go because I was having such a good time!) A couple of the girls and I went to get our ID cards and our wristbands for Freshers week and we didn't stop talking, we instantly clicked talking about friends we'd left at home and our boyfriends (we'd all left them at home, two of us are still with our boyfriends so don't worry if you're leaving a loved one behind, it's hard but I couldn't chose between uni and my boyfriend). I remember my parents walking past us after having some lunch in town and they could see how happy I was.

Later we went back to the flat and made some tea and we all started talking, we all got along really well and then decided to get ready, we soon started drinking and having a really good time, I was so nervous I didn't drink that much because I didn't want to do something stupid, later in the year we were talking about Fresher's week and my other flatmate said she did the same thing and barely drank anything. I remember being out that night and it was the weirdest feeling, I had never met any of these people, spoke to a few on Facebook, but I was going out with them, it's hard to describe but I'm sure those of you off to uni will know what I mean when you get to that situation.

I'll finish the story of my Fresher's week soon.

I'd love to hear your stories about starting uni

Ta ta for now!

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