Thursday, 4 September 2014

Autumnal Nails

As much as I love bright pinks and pastels for in the summer my love is Autumn/Winter nails, I love my deep, dark colours too much. I've had a love of red nails for years and for as long as I can remember it's always been No7 that I've gone to for my reds, they do the boldest reds that are a regular occurrence in the colder months. You can tell I have a fond spot in my heart for them seeing as I named my blog after them! The shade here is No7 in Devil's Delight and this is at least my third bottle of it, I think this one will be making an appearance when I next paint my nails.

Another old favourite is deep purples, it's usually my toe nail colour of choice in the winter time although I think this year I need to vary this a bit more. I've had No7 Vivid Violet in my stash for a good while now and this is my second bottle, I've also got this one for my mum and she loves it. I like purples to be very deep so this needs two or three coats but then sticks around for ages.

Another purple I love in the winter time is Barry M Magnetic Violet, the clue is in the name here- it's a magnetic nail varnish. I love nail art but having a job where I'm not supposed to wear nail varnish as well as a degree means I don't have that much time on my hands so in the days where I can spare a bit of time to do my nails this is one to go for when I want something different. I have three different shades of these and each one has a different pattern that the magnet will make so I have a variety of looks I can go for. My only problem with these is they don't last very long but when I only have my nails painted for a few days it's not too bad.

Over the past year or two I've really got into grey nails, I haven't been able to pull it off in the summer so I'm excited to get my greys out. I have two favourites, first is Essie Power Clutch which is a very new addition but I've got a feeling it will be a favourite. This one is a simple grey that will go with any outfit (that's one of the things I don't like about summer shades, it's hard to match green nails with some outfits) because it's quite a neutral colour.

My last Autumnal shade is No7 in Thunderstorm, isn't that name perfect, I can see where they were coming from when naming this as it looks like the clouds when there's thunder. This one is another grey that I've fallen in love with but has undertones of purple (I think, I'm not great with seeing undertones, can you even get undertones of purple?) I've currently got this on my toes and it looks lovely, especially with some nice peep toe heels. It also has great lasting power as it's been on for six days and not a chip in sight.

What are your favourite nail varnishes for Autumn?

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