Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Day I Fell in Love With Mac Lipsticks

Mac Lipstick

As probably many people know it was National Lipstick Day a few weeks ago and Debenhams were offering £5 off their lipsticks so I got online and looked at what Mac lipsticks they had to offer, at first I was only going to buy one but it was free delivery on orders over £30 and each lipstick was about £10 so I bought three of them... it was an early birthday present to myself I like to tell myself and if you think about it I got one free because they're meant to be £15 each.

The first choice was Patisserie which every beauty blogger seems to love, I've been wanting Patisserie for ages so it was a must. I then had a look on a few blogs at what people were loving and had a look at a few swatches and I decided on Peach Blossom, this is a gorgeous pinky nude and would be perfect with a dark, smokey eye. The last one I chose is Lustering, I saw a post on Lily Pebbles blog of this and I fell in love with the colour, I'd already chosen two nude colours so I thought I should get a bright colour. As soon as I opened Lustering I fell in love with the colour, I'm not usually a pink lipstick person but I adore this one, Lily sums this lipstick up perfectly - the colour of watermelon.

I never understood why everyone loved Mac lipsticks but now I can see why, they have a lovely smooth texture and I really like how they all have different finishes too, I have the shades Lustering and  Patisserie in Lustre as well as Peach Blossom in Cremesheen.

Have you got any favourite Mac Lipsticks?

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