Friday, 8 August 2014

Spending in London

My boyfriend took me to London for my birthday for a long weekend and we had a great time, on the Sunday we went to the Harry Potter Studios which I seriously enjoyed and there will be a very photo heavy post coming up soon with all that in but for now you can see all the products I bought whilst in London. I would like to point out that because it was my birthday my family had given me some money so I spent more money than I usually would on makeup, I don't usually buy this much at once but I thought I would treat myself and buy some makeup that I can't get when I'm home.

The first thing I knew I wanted to do was visit the MAC section in Selfridges, I've wanted to try MAC for ages and I decided it was time to treat myself, I thought I might as well go with the basics first as I think they're the most important and I can get the most use out of them. I bought MAC Studio Fix powder in NW20 and then MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in the same shade. I decided on the powder because I get pretty oily skin and I need to get the under control with some serious powdering, I then decided that because I was having a bad skin day I needed a good concealer that had a very high coverage and this looked like it would do the job nicely. I doubt this concealer will be used everyday as sometimes I don't need much or any concealer.

I had forgotten to take a hand cream with me and my hands get really dry patches so after going into one pharmacy (and being annoyed at how many products they had that I can't get in the North of England) I decided to try the Paw Paw Papaya Moisturising Balm that says it works for irritated skin and chapped lips, both of which I had. I haven't used this enough to give you my opinion so I won't bother as I don't think first impressions are ever that good with skincare - especially for hands as nothing ever works that quickly with my hands.

A few days later I went into Kiko because I've heard Gabby from VelvetGhost talking about it and it sounded like a really good brand but I've only ever seen it being sold in London. I first picked up the Sun Lovers Blush is 04 Atlantic Camellia which has a marbled highlight and blush on one side and a lovely pink colour on the other side. I decided on two shades of the Long Lasting Stick in 38 and 25 (below) which are brilliant long lasting (as the name suggests) eyeshadows, they are so blendable and I find that 25, the paler shade, works well as a base all over with 38 in the outer corners. I had these on for a full day and they lasted a good 13 hours which is amazing in my books, especially as they are so affordable! At the till they had some cream blushes and I loved the colour 02 and I think it was around the £5 mark so I picked this up too, I've never tried cream blushes before and I haven't really used this yet so I'll get back to you on how much I like it!

Lastly I picked up the Smashbox Bestsellers Kit, this one was another brand that I've never seen being sold in England and it's one of those brands that has always interested me so I thought this seemed like the perfect thing, I could try out 5 different products without spending too much money. This kit includes a range of products including the Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Photo Finish Lid Primer, Full Exposure Mascara, Limitless Eye Liner and Lip Enhancing Gloss, I love how all of these products are the basics that will always be used, I hate it when kits include a few products that I really want to try but have some that I won't use or are a colour that won't work for me.

Have you tried any of the products that I bought?

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