Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Helping Dry Hands Along

I've suffered with dry hands for three years now, it started when I was working on a deli counter and I thought it was the meat juices irritating my hands. I then quit that job before I went to uni and my hands got a lot better. Then around Christmas my hands got really sore again and I didn't know what it was so I ended up going to the doctors and she told me I had Dermatitis which is basically just really dry hands that need to be kept moisturised. I then got a job at uni in care work so I wash my hands a lot and every night I came back from work my hands were really dry so I smothered them in moisturiser before I went to bed. Back at home now and I have a job in a care home so once again my hands get really dry so I've had to find some products to help my poor hands.

First of all, if you have really dry hands and I mean cracked, red and itchy (it sounds as bad as it feels) then you need to speak to a doctor to get something to help it. My doctor prescribed me some steroid cream which is to be used when it's really bad and only in very small amounts. She also prescribed Cetraben which is really moisturising but also takes ages to sink in, I can wake up in the middle of the night after putting some on before bed and I can still feel it on my hands. I'm not keen on this feeling (although it does seem to work) so I had a look around at what I could find that wouldn't leave my hands feeling all greasy.

I decided to try The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector after seeing Essie Button saying it was really good. I do like this as a moisturiser but the smell really puts me off, I've never smelt hemp before but I'm guessing this is what it smells like and it's not very nice. I try to use this but I can't put my hands near my nose because the smell is so strong. However this is another one that sticks around and doesn't seem to settle in which I really don't like because I can't do anything with my hands so that limits to only putting it on at night before bed. After a day at work and my hands were quite sore I spotted Morrison's Intensive Moisture Lotion which my mum uses so I gave this a try on my hands and after only a few uses my hands have improved so much and I've still been working. I would guess that this lotion was pretty cheap and can be used all over the body and the best part is that it only takes a small amount and sinks in quickly so I can apply this throughout the day and still do things with my hands after using it.

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