Friday, 1 August 2014

August Wishlist

Another month means more things I want to buy, some I might end up getting but others will be forever on my wishlist.

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I've been wanting the Mac Studio Fix Fluid for a while, I ended up getting Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation when I originally wanted this one because there isn't anywhere to get Mac locally for me. I've done the usual reading loads of reviews of the foundation and this one sounds perfect for me, it's supposed to be good for oily skin and has quite a heavy coverage which sometimes when I'm having a bad skin day I do need.
You can get the Mac Studio Fix Fluid here

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I've just got some more Real Techniques brushes and I'm starting to really build my brush collection up. I would love to get some luxury brushes and I think that the Bobbi Brown ones look really pretty but they also seem to be really good brushes too as I've seen loads of Youtubers using these brushes. The Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush looks like it could be used for putting foundation on as well as any powder product.
You can buy the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush here

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As I mentioned that I was building quite a collection of brushes, it means that I'm going to need something to clean them all with, at the moment I use shampoo but this is such a long process and doesn't clean my brushes as thoroughly as I want to so I think it's time to invest in a proper brush cleaner. I'm not sure if I'll get the Mac Brush Cleaner or a cheaper version but it's one of my options.
You can get the Mac Brush Cleaner here

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I went to see Divergent in the Easter holidays and I loved the film, I thought it had a really interesting and different storyline that I really enjoyed and as soon as the film finished I wanted to go and watch it again.It also helps that one of the main characters isn't bad looking! I've been waiting for Divergent to come out for ages and it finally does come out on 11th August.
You can buy Divergent here

What are you wanting to buy in August? Have you got anything that I'm wanting?

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