Friday, 25 July 2014

Things I learnt on Holiday

1. Not taking my DSLR was the worst idea I've ever had. Before I went on holiday I thought that I wouldn't use it and it was too big to take on holiday, I was so wrong, I saw loads of people who had cameras similar to mine and by the end of the holiday everytime I saw someone with a Canon camera I got so annoyed with myself because I could have taken so many beautiful pictures of Parga. I managed to get some half decent photos which you can see here

2. I can't cope without the internet. I was thinking I would have a holiday where the only time I would use my phone would be to take pictures and listen to music, as soon as we got to the hotel I was desperate for the wifi password to check up on Twitter and Facebook then I ended up getting blogging withdrawls so I got onto Bloglovin' and caught up on everything. There wasn't a day that went by without me going on the internet although I did feel better when I saw other people by the pool on their phones.

3. I'm not very popular. After having airplane mode on my phone throughout the holiday I was sure I would have a load of texts waiting for me when I turned airplaine mode off, however I had one text off my mum checking to see if we had landed. Well didn't I feel loved. My excuse for this is that I had told (bragged to) everyone I knew that I was going on holiday so no one would bother to text as I wouldn't reply (this is what I'm hoping anyway)

4. I'm quite good with money. This isn't something I ever thought I would say, I love to spend - however there weren't any Boots in Greece so no makeup was purchased. I put myself in control of the money, I knew one of us had to, I found it worked quite well to divide up the money into how many days we had and then made sure most days we spent under that amount (are you following this) it obviously worked out quite well because we came back with 6 Euros.

5. I'm an overpacker. I might have made up this term but it suits me well, I'm that person that chucks (well I fold and roll) everything into the case forgetting that I'm only going for seven days and bring enough dresses for three weeks, ooops maybe that's why our case was slightly over when we weighed them although I'm happy to report that we didn't get charged for this! I also had to wear my wedges when checking in as they were too heavy to put in the case (I did take a pair of lighter sandals in my hand luggage to change into as soon as our bags had been weighed, I'm not THAT bothered about looking good)

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