Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Series- Holiday Makeup

I know this looks like a lot of makeup for a week away but it covers all the basics, with a few extras in because a girl needs some choice. I've tried to include a few minis to save space and I did only bring one palette so I haven't gone too overboard.

Benefit's Hello Flawless is a lovely light foundation that has a natural finish so will be perfect for a night when I want some coverage but nothing too heavy in the heat. It's an added bonus that it's in a plastic tube and not glass so it will be okay for travelling. I have the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion sample from the Naked palette which is a cute size and keeps my eyeshadow on longer. The Naked Palette is the only big palette I own and because I want the most choice on holiday but taking up the least space I brought this one because I can do so many different looks with the Naked palette.

I included two blushes because the Revlon blush is quite bright but the Sleek blush is much more subtle, it all depends on my mood. Again dependent on the mood or the situation is lips, I've gone with the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Peach Party for when I want a brighter lip but I have a gloss from Natural Collection for when I want to add a little colour. A staple product for me is the Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer, it is quite heavy coverage so covers any blemishes and lasts for ages! If you don't already have this go and get it!

One Heck of A Blot is my best friend when the weather gets warmer as it stops me looking too shiny, I also love The Body Shop bronzer in 01 because I have pale skin so this gives me a lovely glow without me looking orange and it's perfect for contouring to highlight my hidden cheekbones! I also had to bring The Body Shop Instablur with me because it keeps my makeup in place, even when I get hot, it also ever so slightly mattifies the face so I find this is wearable on it's own with a little powder . 

I love my eyeliner and I couldn't decide whether to take my new Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner or my Eyeko liner so I had to bring both, I like each one but I find that the Eyeko liner is slightly easier to use so if I don't have much time I'll use that but I do like the finish of the Benefit Push Up Liner when I can get it right. 

What make-up would you take on holiday?

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