Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July Favourites

I don't have many favourites this month because I've been trying to keep my spending down and because I've been on holiday and it's been hot weather it's meant that I haven't been wearing as much makeup. However I have got a few little gems to show you.

La Roche Posay SPF is one of the best I've tried, most importantly it has an SPF of 50+ which is so important as this is the main reason I'm wearing this. It has a slight tacky texture when first applied but after being left a minute or two I can barely tell I have it on. I also haven't noticed a change in how long my makeup stays on which is important as I wouldn't be impressed with that!

I've got a slight tan now so I've had to use a different concealer to my usual Collection concealer so I've found my Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer and I've realised how good it is. It has a beautiful thick, creamy texture that blends well with my Real Techniques foundation brush. I wish it matched my skin when I was paler as it's great to cover up spots.

I've been wearing more eyeshadow this past month so the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion has been essential for me, it prevents creases (which are all too regular with me) I also find that my eyeshadow stays a lot longer on my lids with this too.

Every girl is on the hunt for that 'perfect' foundation and I think I'm getting pretty close with Benefit's Hello Flawless. I will admit that this was more than I usually spend on a foundation so it should be good but I've managed to get a near perfect match for my skin tone, it blends in so I can hardly tell it's there but my skin does look flawless and with a slight dusting of powder on my t-zone I have a lovely dewy finish on my face.

Lastly is my Kindle, I've had this for a few years and I don't use it enough, I haven't been reading much this year because of uni but I've got back into it this past month and the kindle is great. I do love a book, the feel and the smell, yeah I love the smell of books but the kindle is a good alternative, that small, bag-sized item can hold a lot of books. Sometimes I get bored of one book and like to start another and flick between the two and the kindle is perfect for this with another book only being a touch away! At the moment I'm reading Bridget Jones's Diary: The Edge of Reason as well as Divergent. I'm off to London at the weekend for my birthday so I will be reading both of these on the train. Last time I went I forgot headphones and had nothing to read so I have to download a book on my phone which I finished on the journey back.

What has been in your July Favourites?

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