Sunday, 27 July 2014

Holiday Reading

Before exams came into my life I used to read all the time but I find after doing loads of reading for uni I never want to read for enjoyment. However I can settle back into my old reading ways when I'm on holiday. I received both of these books for Christmas and it took me seven months for me to get round to reading them (and only six days to read them)

I would recommend both of these books to someone going on holiday but they are good books that I think most women would enjoy reading anytime, they are easy reads which is why I think they're perfect for when you're relaxing by the pool and they are relatively small so don't take up too much room.

I knew what would happen in Bridget Jones's Diary because I've seen the films, who hasn't? But like in any book-to-film there were a few differences, nothing massive but I did find it funny when Bridget was talking about Colin Firth, I'm sure people will know which part I mean if you have read the book. I wasn't sure if I would like how this was written as it is a diary as sometimes that can get really annoying but I was hooked straight away, at the start of each day she notes her weight and what she has eaten as well as a few other details, this sounds boring but it was something I never missed to read.

My mum bought me Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts for Christmas and I've come back telling her she has to read it too. I'm not a dog person so I wasn't sure how I would feel about this but it turns out that the main protagonist Rachel thinks she isn't a dog person either. I like this book as it's from three different people's perspectives, it's slightly like Love Actually where they all end up interlinking. I even made my boyfriend wait before we went to tea because I really wanted to read an exciting part and I wouldn't let us leave the beach a few times because I was so hooked on the book.

I managed to chose two really good books for on holiday and I couldn't tell you which one I preferred, I even had that feeling that when I wasn't reading the book I wanted to get back to it (I hope that's not just me that gets this feeling)

What are your holiday reads?

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