Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Greece in Pictures

This is going to be a very photo heavy post with lots of photos of the sea, I'm warning you now! I also apologise that my photos aren't great quality, I was debating whether to take my DSLR and decided against it, I now wish I'd taken it as Parga in Greece is gorgeous!

Parga in the evening is stunning, all the lights come on and light up the streets. Outside each restaurant is someone trying to get you to come and eat in their place, at first it was hard to say no but then we got used to just looking at the menu for what they have to offer and then not feeling pressured to go in if we didn't fancy it. However it did feel a bit like we were celebrities as we don't have anything like that in England.

The two photos above are taken from a similar spot but the first around 7pm, the second at midday, I loved the colour of the sky with the coloured houses in this one, we ventured up to the little castle which you might be able to spot between the trees on the hill, it doesn't look like much of a climb but in over 30 degree heat it was hard work! Well worth it for the view though!

You can see how the castle was lit up in the evening so having this as a view whilst eating in a restaurant wasn't a bad view at all.

This was overlooking Valtos Beach which was a short (steep) walk from Parga, we spent a day on this beach taking dips in the sea and catching a bit of sun. It rained whilst we were on this beach but luckily we had a parasol which we could shelter under until it passed, some people went into the sea when it rained which I wish I had done as I bet it would have been so refreshing.

These were some mini doughnuts covered in nutella sauce, tastiest doughnuts I've ever had, we shared these after a meal as we were already full but couldn't resist these, I wish we could get something like these in England but then again I would get them everyday so maybe not!
 I went to get something out of the rucksack whilst having a drink and then spotted something green on it and nearly screamed when I realised what it was! I've never seen a grasshopper (we think that's what it was) close up and in real life and I didn't realise how big they are! I ended up making us change seats as I was a scardy-cat and didn't want it to jump on me!

This was a little island that had two churches on it. Everyday we saw people swimming to it from the beach as it wasn't very far, I would have loved to have done it but I wasn't too sure about leaving our stuff alone on the beach, if we had been in a bigger group I think I would have done, it's a good excuse to go back again!

I have to give my boyfriend credit for some of these pictures as I didn't take them all, this one is one of his because it was his first time on a plane so went a bit photo happy. I really liked this one as it shows Greece and the amazing blue sea.

I had an amazing time on holiday and really didn't want to come back although in less than two weeks I'm off to London for my birthday so I can't complain!

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