Monday, 28 July 2014

A Little Purchase on the Plane

I love having a little look on the plane at what products they are selling in the little booklet and nothing really interested me until I spotted the Stila In The Light palette. I said to my boyfriend "oooh I really like this" hoping he would confirm my feelings and say "get it, you're on holiday, treat yourself!" but as I knew he would say he told me I already had enough makeup so I tried to forget about it and concentrated on not panicking when we started to take off.  

Then one of the stewardesses announced that they would be coming round with all the duty free products and I was back into the tempted zone. I obviously ended up getting it, I told myself that it was cheaper than I could get it and I'd never really seen it in the shops around where I live but I had seen a few mentions of it on Youtube and it has the most gorgeous colours so I couldn't resist. I even did the maths of how much each shadow cost - £2 each with a free eye liner and I thought this seemed pretty cheap so out came my card and a little box was handed to me.

I couldn't resist opening it on the plane to see my beautiful new palette and had to stop myself swatching all the shadows so I would't get too many funny looks. I couldn't wait to try it out that night when we went out for a meal and I can confirm that the shadows are amazing, I find them really buttery and lovely to work with, there is even a little booklet with the palette giving mini tutorials for different looks.

I also love the Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner that is included in the palette, it's in the shade Damsel which is a dark brown. This is very waterproof, it takes a lot of effort to get this off your eyes and lasted all day in the sun including going in the pool (I only did this one day as I wanted to see how long it would last).

Have you ever been tempted to buy anything on the plane? Have you tried the Stila In The Light palette?

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