Wednesday, 25 June 2014

TV Recommendations

I know in summer people watch less TV but here in England the weather isn't always hot or it's just nice to spend a little time out of the sun relaxing in front of the TV so I thought I would give you a few TV shows that I've been loving at the moment.

This one is a Netflix original but you can get a free month where you could watch all of Orange is the New Black without having to spend a penny. I only have a few episodes left of the second series and I started it two weeks ago, it's just that good. Before I started watching this I wondered how they could make a TV show interesting about a woman going to prison, how wrong I was. Orange is the New Black is about Piper Chapman (although you'll forget she's called Piper because they call all the inmates by their last name) who gives herself up to the prison because of a crime she did years ago, as well as many other female inmates who I started to dislike at first but now some of them are favourites of mine, others I still hate but that means that the actor is amazing! Many of the actors in Orange is the New Black are quite unknown (they are in the UK anyway) but they have all made an impression on me now!

I was late getting into Game of Thrones, I've only just finished the first series when most other people have finished series four. Game of Thrones is set in medieval times, there is Winterfell in the North where the Starks live and King's Landing in the South where the King and the rest of the Royals live. However it all gets a bit mixed up with Southerners in the North and vice versa (this is the best way I could think of for explaining it without giving away any spoilers). There are more settings too - The Wall is one, lets just say I wouldn't like to live there, it's on the cold side and they see lots of scary things too as well as Essos where the Targaryens live who don't get mixed up with the other characters but I'm guessing that could change in the later series? This is another show which has some characters I hate, one boy I would like to slap because he is so irritating and evil but I won't spoil anything if you are going to watch it - you should do though, it's so addictive!

This is one of the programmes that my dad and I have watched together since it first started, my mum realised what she was missing out on in the second series and by the third we were all hooked. I got the boxset of all three series for my dad for his birthday so we could all watch them together and it's just as funny watching it as it was the first time around. Rev is about Reverend Adam Smallbone who runs a church in London that has less than ten regulars. Each series has a different struggle and I couldn't pick a favouite. Rev also boasts a small but amazing cast; Olivia Coleman and Tom Hollander are unbeatable, Liam Neeson is also in the last episode of the third series. This might be one of those programmes that not everyone finds funny but if you have a similar sense of humour to me you'll love it.

I'm sorry that my descriptions of the programmes weren't great, I didn't want to spoil anything for you but I felt I had to give some kind of storyline.

Have you watched any of these programmes? Got any recommendations for me?

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