Sunday, 29 June 2014

Soap and Glory Bath Stuff

Soap and Glory
If there's one thing I love with any product it's the packaging and Soap and Glory really hit the mark. The cute pink packaging with really creative names, I mean The Scrub of Your Life is just brilliant! But it's not just the packaging that is amazing, the actual product it too! These are just a few of the Soap and Glory bath and shower products that I've got and they're all winners in my eyes.
Soap and Glory The Scrub of Your Life
The Sugar Crush Body Scrub is a sugary scrub that has smells like limes. It has such a refreshing scent, the first time I smelt it I wasn't too sure but now I love it. This scrub is really good, I get a small spoldge (yeah, you know this blog is very technical) and massage it into my arms and legs and they instantly feel smoother. It's a winner with scrubbing fake tan off too when it's going a bit patchy and needs to come off or before I put some fake tan on I like to make sure I'm putting it on without flaky, dry skin.

The sister to the Sugar Crush Body Scrub is the Sugar Crush Body Wash. They have the same limey scent and it is again very refreshing. The body wash is the splodge on the left. One of the things I really like about the body wash it that it comes with a pump! I know that sounds really sad but it makes it so easy to get the correct amount of product. The product itself is really good too, you only need a pump or two and it covers your whole body and it also leaves a slight scent when you've come out of the shower but nothing too strong.
Soap and Glory
The Scrub of Your Life is the middle splodge in the picture above, as you can see it's a different type of exfoliator to the body scrub, it's a more gel like formula and foams up slightly. The pink beads in the scrub gently exfoliate the skin, I think the difference between the two scrubs is that The Scrub of Your Life is a bit more gentle and is a gel like formula whereas the Sugar Crush Body Scrub is slightly rougher on the skin (not too harsh, don't be put off). The one thing that does put The Scrub of Your Life above the Sugar Crush Body Scrub for me is that it comes in a squeezy tube so it's easy to get the amount that you want whereas in the Sugar Crush Body Scrub I always manage to get a load of water in the tub when your scoop it out with wet hands.

Have you tried any Bath and Shower products from Soap and Glory?

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