Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Says It's A Miracle, Is It A Miracle?

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

When I was in London I decided I needed something that was similar to a foundation but lighter and I stumbled upon this one. With Miracle in the name of the Skin Cream I was expecting big things and big things is what I got. I really like this cream, it promises anti-aging and Skin transforming, I'm not sure about the anti-aging part, I'm not really sure I want to look younger, 18 is young enough! But it does transform my skin. This cream comes out white but then when you massage it into the skin it changes to your skin colour. It surprised me at first and I thought I was going to be orange but after making sure I'd worked it into my skin properly it looked good. The next time I used it I made sure I only used a really small amount as I think that's where my orange colour came from.

The Miracle Skin Cream seems to blur out imperfections (no idea how as it's very light) but it makes my skin look glowing and even manages to cover imperfections. I do like to add a bit of powder on top because I have oily skin and I'm not keen on the shiny look. I think this cream will be perfect for summer when I won't want a heavy foundation but still want some coverage, just a bit of concealer and a dusting of powder and I'm good to go.

You can buy Garnier Miracle Skin Cream here

Have you tried Garnier Miracle Skin Cream?

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