Friday, 20 June 2014

More Love Please

Build up Removal Shampoo, Cotton buds and pads, Eyelash curlers

I thought it was time to give a bit of love to those items that I use regularly but don't appreciate enough, there's the makeup products that get lots of love or hate but what would they be without the items in the background, they're always backing them up but if you took away the unappreciated items I know I would be stuck!
Eyelash Curlers

First of all is the simple eyelash curler, without this my eyelashes look flat and mascara can't do the whole job on its own and needs that extra bit of help. I personally don't believe that you need to invest in a really expensive eyelash curler, I haven't tried the Shu Uemura ones that a lot of beauty bloggers love but I'm happy with my cheap one from Boots which do a good enough job for me. If you don't have these girls go and get one!
Build up Removal Shampoo

Next is a good deep cleaning shampoo, I have Boots own, my hair has always been on the greasy side so after doing my research I figured maybe I could have a product build up which was causing my hair to look so bad. I then used this and although my hair is still on the greasy side it did make my hair feel very fresh and a lot cleaner. I now use this shampoo once a week to give it a deep cleanse and I don't think my hair is just as bad.
Cotton Pads

Cotton pads and cotton buds are regularly used in my house, I use cotton pads with cleanser as well for removing nail varnish. I bet most people use these everyday or at least have some around the bathroom but I know when we run out of them my life near enough falls apart, I once tried using toilet paper as a substitute, don't try that, it falls apart and you'll wish that you had a never ending supply of cotton pads in your life. Cotton buds have the normal use of cleaning out your ears but they have a lot more uses too. Got mascara somewhere other than your eyelashes? Dampen a cotton bud and wipe away, thank me later for that one. They're also useful for eyeliner, you might not even need to wet one if you're quick enough, I know I try too many times to remove a bit of eyeliner that went in the wrong place with my finger but a cotton bud is just the right size to remove it and you don't get eyeliner all over your fingers.

What are you unloved items?

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