Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Take me to...

Everyone has a few places in the world that they want to go to so I thought I would share my list

1. America 

New York

Picture from tripadvisor.co.uk - New York

a. New York!
I think New York is one of those places that nearly everyone wants to go to if they love the city, London is one of my favourite places as I just love the city so obviously New York is a place I must go to! It will be an expensive trip so a lot of saving up is in order to go there!

b. Nashville! 
I love country music and they say Nashville is the home of country music so I really want to have a quick stop there if I ever go to that part of America.

Pricture from cocoabelle.com - Florida

c. Disneyworld, Florida
I went to Disneyland Paris when I was in year nine and I loved it so I'd love to go to Florida as there are so many attractions there, a visit to the Harry Potter World would be a must!

d. California, especially LA
These two I don't really know why I want to go, I just want to see the sights and explore. The weather is a plus too!

I've always wanted to visit Australia, again I'm not too sure why, it's just one of those places I want to explore and see everything it has to offer. 


www.tours4theworld.com - Bali

3. Bali
I've heard that Bali is a really relaxing place to be and I've never been to anywhere like that at all so it's on my to do list, the only thing that puts me off going (and Australia too) is the fact they have so many spiders and other bugs there that I would be absolutely petrified of, I can't stand spiders, it's not that I don't like them, I actually can't be near them, someone once said if you were paid a million pounds to be in a room full of spiders would you do it and I said no, I'm that scared of them so Bali may be a no go area for me.


Picture from ny2rio.com - Rio De Janerio

 4. Rio De Janeiro
I would love to see the carnivals, the colours are amazing and it just looks like such a happy place to be. Again, the sights look wonderful and I just really want to go.

So what places are on your wishlist? Any similar to mine?

Ta ta for now!


  1. Please take me to New York and Disneyworld with you!!!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. I would if I could! Thanks for reading!

  2. I think it's obvious that I love NewYork but I also want to visit every other place you mentioned.
    You have great travel taste haha!
    | | Dreams Of New York | |

    1. I really want to go to New York!! Everyone seems to love it so it's a must! Thanks for reading!

  3. You really should go backpacking you'd love it! I went to Australia, it was expensive, but incredible.
    I too want to go to New York - I went when I was 16 and it was amazing but i was too young to do anything. I want to back now that im a lot older and do some cocktailing and partying NYC style haha.
    Keep up to date with my Backpacker life section hun, I'll be doing some posts on Australia at some point that might interest you :)
    x tink x

    1. I really hope I can in the future but I'm in my first year of uni at the moment so I can't yet. I really want to go to Australia and partying in NYC sounds amazing! I'll defintely be reading your blog, you have some really interesting posts


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