Monday, 10 March 2014

What I'm giving up for Lent...

So we're nearly a week into Lent and I haven't had any chocolate yet! I decided that my chocolate addiction was getting a bit out of hand so I had to cut down, so I thought I might as well go the whole hog and give it up for Lent. I don't tell people how much chocolate I eat because it is a ridiculous amount, this is how much I love it so I had to give it up and prove to myself that I don't need it. Hopefully it will improve my skin too.

Another thing I've decided to give up is buying makeup! This one is going to be a hard one, I somehow manage to end up in Boots or Superdrug at least once a week and I can spend quite a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to manage this one and not persuade myself that I need another mascara or eye-liner because I really don't, most of my makeup is pretty new so it will last me till Easter Sunday (where I'm sure I will have a big list of all the makeup I want/need in my life) and it might encourage me to use some different products other than my usual daily routine.

The one thing I will admit is that I will still be going into Boots because my hair is really greasy at the moment and I'm not sure if it's the shampoo I use so I'm going to do some research and get a new one. I have already found a shampoo bar from Lush that has some pretty good reviews for greasy hair so I will be going to get that tomorrow but that doesn't count as makeup... right?

Ta ta for now!

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