Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pretty Little Liars

So every night this week I've been a bit addicted to Pretty Little Liars, I only started watching it on Netflix last week and I'm already on episode 14... oops! It's just so addictive, I wasn't expecting it to be anything like what it's actually like, I wasn't really sure what I was expecting but it surely wasn't a murder in the first episode (don't worry that't not exactly a spoiler, the whole first season is based on the murder of their best friend). The only bad side of the show is that every episode is ended on a cliffhanger so it's so difficult not to spend the whole day watching it!

I'm not really sure what Pretty Little Liars can be compared to, maybe a mixture of 90210, Gossip Girl and the darkness of The Vampire Diaries. I would recommend this programme to anyone who likes any of those TV shows (I love them all so watch them too! I think they're all on Netflix so spend the rest of 2014 on there).

Right, I'm off to watch the next episode, told you I was addicted!

Ta ta for now!

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