Saturday, 15 March 2014

Goodbye Greasy Hair

For the past few months my hair has been getting really greasy, I have to wash it everyday and I know that's a bad thing but it's a tough circle to break, I don't want to wash it everyday but I have to because I couldn't go out in public with greasy hair. I'd got fed up of it so I decided to do some research, I went on one website and found loads of really good reviews of Lush's Jumping Juniper (above) so I decided to give it a try.

I was really excited to use this (that's probably really sad!) and I noticed the difference as soon as my hair started to dry, it usually looked a bit greasy at the roots when it had dried but that had gone with just one use of it. I washed my hair on Thursday morning and waking up on Friday morning I decided I could just use a bit of dry shampoo and I would be good for the day. I do still condition my hair; I use conditioner for greasy hair and only condition the ends.

This product is really good, I think it cost £5.50 which isn't that expensive, the lady in the Lush shop told me it should last a really long time as long as after using it you keep it dry.

I would recommend this to anyone who was having trouble with greasy hair. It smells nice and it's the first product I've found that keeps the greasiness at bay without the expensive price tag.

Ta ta for now!

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