Sunday, 16 March 2014

Eyes Lips Face review

 A couple of months ago I saw someone post about buying a load of makeup from Eyes Lips Face (or ELF) and they got it all really cheap so I decided to have a look on their website and see what they were offering. They do say that they are 'The home of low cost, quality makeup' and I'll give them half of it, a lot of the products are really really cheap which is what enticed me in, I ordered loads of things (13 to be exact) and managed to get some money off so it came to less that £30 but I would definitely rather pay more money and get good quality products, none of the products really did anything for me, they don't have very good pigmentation and I wouldn't recommend many of the products I bought.
 I'm only going to write about three of the products I bought, the blush - above, the bronzer - below and the concealer. The first product is the 'blush with brush in shy' it's an okay product, it does give a nice bit of colour to the cheeks but it's barely noticeable unless it's piled on, that might be because the colour is really pale but I would still expect a bit more colour. As you might be able to see, this product is very powdery which is probably why it doesn't give a very good colour. The brush is also useless, all brushes are when they come with makeup, I don't see why companies include them. At £2.50 it is a very cheap blush but you'll just end up buying another blush in a couple of weeks so you might as well just get the more expensive one that will actually do something for you.
 The next product is the 'bronzer in warm' this is the worst bronzer I've ever had, at £3.95 I should have expected it to be this bad but they do claim to have good quality products and this is just the opposite, I have to say when I first saw it it looked really nice, the matte black packaging really appealed to me but that is the only good thing about it, I did a swatch below to show how bad it is, the colours go from the top right pinky shade and go clockwise, there is just no pigmentation at all, when trying to get a swatch for each I had to really rub my finger in it and even then they are barely there! When using a brush you have to really swirl it around to get any sort of colour and even then you have to build it up and they are quite shimmery which was not a good look for me! I would definitely not spend any amount of money on this blush again, it's just not worth it, I've got a feeling this will be lying around in my makeup collection for a long time just collecting dust.
 The final product I've got to review is 'All over cover stick in Apricot Beige' this is the best product that I bought, it has a really nice peachy smell and it does give a nice coverage although by the end of the day it does go a bit cakey on dry patches or just wears off. This was only £1.95 and would be worth buying but when you add on delivery of £2.95, it's probably not.
Overall I wouldn't recommend buying anything from ELF, it's cheap but don't let that entice you in, it's not worth it and you'll just end up like me with loads of products in your makeup collection that you don't really use.

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