Monday, 3 February 2014


So today is the day I start my first ever blog! I was in my lecture earlier and I was trying to decide what my first post should be. It is a very important one, it can’t just be any old thing but it’s a difficult decision to make. I was the same sending my first tweet, posting my first picture on instagram; the first post has to be something memorable that people will like but what could this be? The best and most appropriate post I can think of is a bit of an introduction to my blog.
Firstly the name of the blog: emhasrednails, I know it’s a bit of a random one but as you probably know making a blog name is very difficult because nowadays there are so many around it’s difficult to think of a name that hasn’t already been taken so I came up with emhasrednails. I love having red nails, they are, in my eyes, a classic and with the amount of red nail varnish I’ve gone through (No. 7 in Devil’s Delight if you wanted to know I thought it was a fun idea. I will probably be posting about nail varnish regularly because I do love to paint my nails. I’ll be posting a lot about make-up too along with some posts about my life and anything else I think I would enjoy reading myself.
The next thing I want to talk about is me… selfish I know but it is my blog! I’m a student at University reading Psychology, I have no idea where I’ll take that but at the moment I’m only in my first year so I have a while yet before I have to decide something like that. I’m a northern girl at heart coming from the North West but at the moment I’m living further South. I know that over the course of uni I will be posting many more blogs, as many as I can manage to do with all the reading and essays I have to do but I will manage it, a few a week I’m hoping. 
Ta ta for now


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    1. Thank you! Just thought it would be a good way to get my thoughts out on the internet!


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