Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lid Stuff

 I seem to have been doing a lot of spending recently but I've managed to find lots of really good products, this one is Soap and Glory's Lid Stuff in What's Nude. I love nude eyeshadows, they're so easy to wear on a day to day basis and this little palette is perfect. With four shades; Vanilla can be used as a highlight, Pink T is a really nice pinky-peach base, then there's Mudhoney for the day or Aubersheen for the night as it has a bit of sparkle in. 

This palette does say 'I'M IN NO BRUSH. We chose not to include a cheap spongy shadow brush, because not only would it drive the price of this palette up, we thought you'd rather opt for a proper one' and Soap and Glory understand what people want, the amount of spongy brushes I've got floating around makeup bags is ridiculous, the only eyeshadow product I've got that had a decent brush that I use is the Naked Palette by Urban Decay and I have quite a collection of eyeshadows so that is saying something. 

This palette is small and compact, the only thing that would be useful would be a small mirror inside so it would be perfect to put in my day bag to touch up on my eyeshadow if I have a long day as it does last a while but not the whole 8 hours is says it does. 

Top left - Vanilla, Top right - Pink T, Bottom left - Mudhoney, Bottom right - Aubersheen. 

Soap and Glory, Lid Stuff - £10

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