Friday, 28 February 2014

February Favourites

It doesn't seem like two weeks ago that I was writing my January Favourites, I know it's a cliche but this year is already going so fast! I don't have many favourites this month and the beauty ones I got a couple of weeks ago but I've used them a lot already. 

The Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara is so good, my old Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express mascara has been an old favourite for a good few years, I think I've had four or five of these beauties and I decided it was time for a change and it would be something else to write about in this blog. I'd read quite a few good reviews of this mascara so I thought I would give it a try and seeing as I've been loving Soap and Glory this year I didn't expect to be disappointed. The brush is really nice to use, it's really big and thick. The best thing about this mascara is that I only need a few layers before my lashes look so much longer and bolder, with previous mascaras I've needed to keep going over it to get the desired effect. 

The next two products are both Revlon, another brand I've recently got into and I'm loving, I think the way they package their products is so classy and simplistic which is nice. The product on the left is Revlon Highlighting Palette in 003 Bronze Glow. I use this as a bronzer with a big brush so it picks up a bit of all the colours. I have to be wary not to get too much on my brush as I'm pale skinned and it can look like I have overly orange/bronze cheeks if I overdo it. If I do accidentally overdo it I tend to get my powder brush that still has a bit of powder on and buff my cheeks a bit to even it all out. The great thing about this highlighter is that with all the different colours it would be great to use as an eyeshadow, I haven't used it as an eyeshadow yet but I am planning on doing so.

The final product is Revlon Powder Blush with Brush in the shade 002 Haute Pink. I really should have taken a picture of the blush with its brush but I took it out as it's a bit small and would just get in the way and I'm not sure where it's gone. This is a really bright blush as you can see from the picture so the tiniest bit is needed but it just gives me a really nice glow. 

My other favourite of the month is a random one... Easter (I know it's not Easter yet!) mainly Creme Eggs They're just so yummy and we can only get them in the build up to Easter so I love it. 

Ta ta for now

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lid Stuff

 I seem to have been doing a lot of spending recently but I've managed to find lots of really good products, this one is Soap and Glory's Lid Stuff in What's Nude. I love nude eyeshadows, they're so easy to wear on a day to day basis and this little palette is perfect. With four shades; Vanilla can be used as a highlight, Pink T is a really nice pinky-peach base, then there's Mudhoney for the day or Aubersheen for the night as it has a bit of sparkle in. 

This palette does say 'I'M IN NO BRUSH. We chose not to include a cheap spongy shadow brush, because not only would it drive the price of this palette up, we thought you'd rather opt for a proper one' and Soap and Glory understand what people want, the amount of spongy brushes I've got floating around makeup bags is ridiculous, the only eyeshadow product I've got that had a decent brush that I use is the Naked Palette by Urban Decay and I have quite a collection of eyeshadows so that is saying something. 

This palette is small and compact, the only thing that would be useful would be a small mirror inside so it would be perfect to put in my day bag to touch up on my eyeshadow if I have a long day as it does last a while but not the whole 8 hours is says it does. 

Top left - Vanilla, Top right - Pink T, Bottom left - Mudhoney, Bottom right - Aubersheen. 

Soap and Glory, Lid Stuff - £10

Ta ta for now

Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Lipsticks

I decided that I needed some new lipsticks, I did only have 2 because I've only just got into wearing lipsticks but I've now become a bit addicted. The two lipsticks I had were both what I call 'going out lipsticks' as they were both very bold and red so I decided it was time to buy some lipsticks that could be worn in the day so I got onto ebay to try and get some cheap but good quality lippies! 

From left to right I got Revlon Softsilver Rose, Revlon Pink Giggles, Clinique Bamboo Pink, Rimmel Heart Breaker and Rimmel Guest list. As you will be able to see from the swatches below there are a few which are perfect for the day Pink Giggles is a lovely girly colour that seems to finish my look off. Then there's Guest List which is very similar to my natural lip colour and I can see myself wearing this a lot, it's such an easy colour to wear. On the other hand Heart Breaker is definitely not a colour that I will be wearing that often, I think that one will be saved for going out as it is very bright, I'm thinking when I do wear it I'll put some lipgloss over so it won't be as bright. Don't get me wrong, it's a really nice colour but I can't imagine myself going into a lecture with such bold lips! 

I really like the smell of the Rimmel Lipsticks, they've got a nice sweet fragrance which is something I really like. All the lipsticks have a very nourishing feel to them and coming from a lip balm addict it's something I need. All together on the five lipsticks I only spent about £20 which I think is really good, on average £4 each which is a bargain in my eyes! I made sure they were all new and still sealed which they were and I'm very happy with my purchases. I will definitely be going back to ebay to get some more lipsticks. 

Ta ta for now


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

January Favourites

January was a really good month for me finding new products, I did quite a lot of shopping in Boots and Superdrug (as a student I can't really afford the higher end products so don't expect any really expensive products although sometimes I do like to treat myself) so there are many new products in my make up bag. 

The first thing that has really stood out to me has been the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot, it's suitable for all skin tones so it is a really useful product to have. I have quite oily skin so this has been a Godsend to me! This is a good product to use on its own if you don't want to have a lot of makeup on but works wonders over foundation if your skin is still a bit shiny. It's not one of the cheapest powders at £12 but I think it is worth it.
  Another favourite for this month is Bourjois' Healthy Mix serum foundation and the accompanying concealer. I've always had trouble finding a good foundation that looks good on my skin, as I said earlier I have mostly oily skin but in some places, especially in winter, I have dry patches, which foundation can cling to. However, this foundation just suits it and to top it off it lasts too. I wouldn't say it lasts the full 16 hours that it says, but it does last a good eight hours. The foundation is quite light coverage which I like as I'm not keen on the caked on look so for those problem areas it's good to use the concealer as it has a really good coverage when used over the foundation. The first thing I noticed when I used it was that it smells like raspberry yoghurt, I don't know whether everyone would like this but I really like it. I like the fact that the concealer is in a tube as I find it easy to either put a bit on the back of my hand and use a brush to rub it in or to put a tiny bit on my finger and rub it in that way, depending on if I'm using it on a blemish or under my eyes. Both shades are in 51 as I am pale skinned and they both seem to suit my skin colour.

There was an offer on Bourjois when I went into Superdrug, I think it was if you spent over £10 you got a free eyeliner and I was getting the foundation and concealer so I got the Liner Feutre free and it is the best eyeliner I've ever used! I'm so fussy with eyeliner, I only like a thin line with a bit of a flick so the liner can't be too thick but if it's too thin it just doesn't work as you can't see it enough for my liking. The Liner Feutre is like a felt tip and is just the right thickness, to make it even better it lasts throughout the day which is what I need, I hate eyeliners that rapidly fade and by the afternoon it barely looks like I even put any on so this is just what I need.

Another product that I use quite regularly is the Colour Tattoo 24hour by Maybelline in the colour On and on Bronze, I don't wear eyeshadow if I'm just going to a lecture but sometimes I do like to make a little bit more effort and the Colour Tattoo is perfect, you just need to glide a bit on with your finger, add some eyeliner and mascara and you're done, it's as simple as that, no brushes, no blending (okay maybe a little with your finger to even it out but that doesn't count, right?) so it's so simple if you're lazy like me or if you don't have that much time. 

My final beauty favourite is my Rimmel Lipstick by Kate Moss in the shade 107. This is my first ever lipstick so I don't have much to compare it too but I think the colour suits my skintone and is great for a night out. This lipstick stays well with just a couple of retouches needed throughout the long night out dancing and drinking (well I am a student!) I can tell that I'll be buying a lot more of these lipsticks with how great the texture and colour is, I really like the packaging too. 

My final favourite for the month is a random one compared to the rest of the products, it's a TV show called Benidorm, I really hope you've heard of it and are watching it because it is sooo good! If you haven't heard of it (have you been living on Mars?) it's about a few families who stay at the Solana Hotel in, you guessed it, Benidorm! All the parts are really well played and you get to know each one as the characters stay very similar in each series. Benidorm is such a feel good TV programme and if you want a good laugh I would recommend you watch it. 

Products mentioned: 
Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot - £12
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - £10.99
Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer - £7.99
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hours - £4.99
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick - £5.49

Ta ta for now

Monday, 3 February 2014


So today is the day I start my first ever blog! I was in my lecture earlier and I was trying to decide what my first post should be. It is a very important one, it can’t just be any old thing but it’s a difficult decision to make. I was the same sending my first tweet, posting my first picture on instagram; the first post has to be something memorable that people will like but what could this be? The best and most appropriate post I can think of is a bit of an introduction to my blog.
Firstly the name of the blog: emhasrednails, I know it’s a bit of a random one but as you probably know making a blog name is very difficult because nowadays there are so many around it’s difficult to think of a name that hasn’t already been taken so I came up with emhasrednails. I love having red nails, they are, in my eyes, a classic and with the amount of red nail varnish I’ve gone through (No. 7 in Devil’s Delight if you wanted to know I thought it was a fun idea. I will probably be posting about nail varnish regularly because I do love to paint my nails. I’ll be posting a lot about make-up too along with some posts about my life and anything else I think I would enjoy reading myself.
The next thing I want to talk about is me… selfish I know but it is my blog! I’m a student at University reading Psychology, I have no idea where I’ll take that but at the moment I’m only in my first year so I have a while yet before I have to decide something like that. I’m a northern girl at heart coming from the North West but at the moment I’m living further South. I know that over the course of uni I will be posting many more blogs, as many as I can manage to do with all the reading and essays I have to do but I will manage it, a few a week I’m hoping. 
Ta ta for now