Friday, 29 July 2016

The Cake I Count As Being Good For You

Banana bread
I love baking, ever since I was young I've loved to mix a bit of flour with some sugar, butter and eggs, chucking it in the oven and out comes a tasty cake. However, these cakes are not so good for me. Last week I realised I needed to use some bananas up that were way too brown for me to want to eat (I like my bananas on the greener side) so thought a banana loaf would be a good idea and after doing a bit of guess work I managed to make something that tasted pretty good.

You will need:
3 very ripe bananas - 2 and a half mashed and half sliced to decorate
100g caster sugar
100g soft butter/margarine
150g self-raising flour
2 eggs

Heat your oven to 180C/160C fan/ Gas 4. Line a bread tin with greaseproof paper. Mix the sugar, butter, flour, eggs and 3/4 of the mashed banana together until completely combined. Put half of the mixture in the cake tin, add the rest of the mashed banana on top and finish with the remaining cake mixture. Add slices of banana to the top of the mixture and bake in the oven for around 40-50 minutes until you can dip a skewer in the cake and there is no raw batter on it (you should know that one) and it looks a nice golden colour.

I hope you enjoy making this recipe and you can pretend it's good for you because it has fruit in it!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Blending like a Professional

Up until recently I'd always been a makeup brush girl, I'd been put off sponges since I was younger and first started out with makeup when I used to use those round foam sponges that spread foundation round my face. I tried out my first decent sponge two years ago and since then I've never looked back.  I love to use sponges to finish off my foundation, making sure it's buffed in and I find now that the best way to blend in my concealer is with a sponge.

I liked the idea of a smaller sponge, one that would be perfect to blend in my under eye concealer without me having to squish a big sponge to the size where it would fit. Here the pink mini sponge comes into it's element. It's the perfect size to blend in concealer under the eyes and the tear drop shape is perfect for using either end.

The blue sponge is quite an odd shape, pointed at one end and flat on the other, it's easy to hold and I use both ends in different ways. The flat side I use to buff foundation in and the pointed side is good for getting the harder to reach areas like the sides of my nose and under my eyes. I love the texture of this sponge, it's quite smooth and soft so it feels really nice on the skin.

I know with sponges they're meant to be used when damp but I've never got my head around that idea therefore I always use sponges when they're dry.

I was sent these two products to review and I've been given a 10% coupon code -ETSH10 for you to use at bornprettystore. All views are my own and I have not been paid for this review.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Barcelona Part Two

There were so many cute little shops that were selling the most delicious looking food. This was a little chocolate shop that we passed, it took all my effort not to buy anything and just take pictures of the food!